Passport Reward Program

Welcome to the Organic Playing Cards Passport Reward Program! We wanted to come up with a way to give back to our Organic Family in a fun innovative way!

We are going on a trip to somewhere EXOTIC! With every order of our next 9 decks we produce, you will receive 1 passport and 1 holographic seal for orders of 11 decks or less and 2 passports and 2 holographic seals for 12 or more decks ordered. To get the passport and sticker you MUST order from our website or

After you collect 6 DIFFERENT holographic stickers from the next 9 decks and put them in your passport, you will send us the full passport to the address inside the passport. In return, we will send you 1 unreleased Exotic deck and your completed passport with a stamp on it! The Exotic deck will be an exclusive limited run of 1,000 decks or less. 

Lastly when shipping us your full passport, for extra insurance in case of it getting lost in the mail, please take a photo of the full passport and the shipping label to prove you sent it in.


Below are some FAQ:

1. Do I have to pay for shipping?

You will be responsible for paying the shipping of the passport to us, but we will cover the shipping of the deck and return of the passport.

2. Where do I send my full passport?

The address to send your passport is located inside the passport

3. What if I want my Exotic deck and passport to be sent back faster or by express shipping service other than the United States Postal Service?

Send us an email after sending us your full passport with your information and request of provider or shipping option. You will be responsible for paying any price difference in shipping.

4. Can I still get the passport and holographic sticker if I order from a third party vendor?

No, the only way to receive the passport or the holographic sticker is from ordering directly from us here at or

5. Will I get my completed passport back?

Yes, you will receive your complete passport back with your exotic deck. The passport will have a stamp on it showing that you redeemed your deck.

6. What happens if we run out of exotic decks?

When we run out of exotic decks, we run out. We are only planning on printing 1,000 of this deck. So after they are gone this program will be reset with a new passport and new stickers to collect.

7. If I buy more decks do I get more passports?

When ordering 11 or less decks you will receive 1 passport and 1 holographic sticker that goes with the deck you ordered. When ordering 12 or more you will receive 2 passports and 2 holographic stickers for that deck. 

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(If you are down here you know why you are here... the next clue lies in Portland, Oregon! Or at least the video that we shared at Cardistry Con 2019...)